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Creepy Crawley Lily Dale

It’s our last night in Lily Dale and I’m sitting at my computer when for some reason I look up to the ceiling and see a huge black spider. Approximately 1” of a spider – Eeeeek! The bugger is right in the corner of the wall and ceiling, which being very short I can’t possibly reach as the ceilings have to be at least ten feet high. There is no broom to be found so the only visit our website thing I can think of is a towel.
Creepy Crawley Lily Dale with Michigan Psychic Medium Lisa Bousson
I get back to the room with the towel, and standing 5’2” visit more information I still can’t reach to swat him down. That’s when I got my friend Carole out of her room (at 11:00pm, I might add) because she’s nice and tall. Between her height and the towel Carole was able to reach the spider, nba 2k16 hack ios but he didn’t move. So after a few swipes of the towel we determined he was dead. Whew! Maybe I just didn’t notice him there the two previous days in the room? I doubted it – he would have been pretty hard to miss.
Lo and behold, as I am sitting at my computer this morning, I realized Mr. Spider was having a near death experience, and he then began making his morning rounds. Have you ever spent an entire morning trying to get ready for the day while keeping tabs on a racing spider? A spider, I might add, that could pick play tanki online hacked you up and carry you off into his web, no less!
I know many people would say their respect for life is for ALL life, and I admire that – I just have a huge issue with creepy-crawly things. Was I planning on sending Mr. Spidey to the great beyond? Yep! If he was outside that would be another matter. Inside – stay away from me.
And according to my friend, Carole, it’s “No wonder there are so many spirit remaining in Lily Dale – the spider has them trapped!”

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