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Symbolism of Giving Watches as Gifts

Some people believe that giving a watch as a gift can denote something bad to the recipient while others believe that it actually shows a person that you think highly of them. The symbolism behind the visit here giving of watches as gifts is actually dependent on a lot of things. These things include culture, your relationship with the person receiving the watch from you, the kind of watch you are buying and its cost, the occasion when you give the watch as a gift and other similar considerations.

There are a lot of beliefs and superstitions that can be associated with the giving of watches as gifts and these are often dependent on the region or country where it is being given. While majority of the individuals in the western world enjoy receiving a watch on a special occasion, specifically if these watches are of the expensive and fashionable kind, the same cannot be said about other places in the world. Here are some beliefs and symbolisms that are associated with the giving of watches as gifts:

- In Chinese culture, the giving of a clock as a gift is considered in bad taste due to the fact that the word clock in Mandarin and in Cantonese bears the identical sound of the phrase “the end”. Since attending someone’s funeral in this culture is called “giving the end”, it is then seen as bad luck and in bad taste for a person to give someone a gift that is associated with funerals and “the end”. While watches have a different sounding character than that of the word clock, they are clumped in together with these timepieces as non-acceptable gifts to give to others. Even if you are strongly considering giving a Chinese person Armani watches or another similarly popular brand of timepiece, don’t. It is not a good idea.

- In Russia, giving anybody a timepiece actually means that you want them to live a longer life. This is why giving a visit more information Russian friend a watch, such as those lovely Michael Kors watches that you see in a lot of watch shops, will often be well received since this will mean that you want the person to have a long life.

- In other Asian cultures, the giving of a watch as a gift can mean a lot of many different things. Most of these beliefs stem from old stories that older folks hand down from generation to generation and have become some form of superstition that some people still believe in. One such belief is that if you give a person a watch on a special occasion, like a birthday or on Christmas, you are actually cursing the person to “wait on you” or to constantly be kept waiting by you whenever you need to meet up or do something together. No matter what type of watches you give, whether these are expensive gold plated Citizen watches or sporty watches from Casio. These may be frowned upon by the recipient as a curse you are bringing down on them.

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