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Creating Your Own Ultimate Rude T-Shirts ?Its Easier than U Think

It seems that with regards to rude t-shirts, its all been said and done. No matter how many flea markets a person hits, its the same old cliche’s. So where is a discriminating jerk like yourself supposed to turn, to acquire rude t-shirts that truly offend? As it turns out, just like so many other things in life, if you want it done right you are going to have to do it yourself.

Your Own Brilliant Ideas

Only you know just how crass your t-shirts have to be and if no one has the appnana hack apk balls to print them and sell them, then it is up to you to step up to the plate and do the right thing. After all, you have tons of great ideas in your thick head, so its just a matter of getting them down on cloth.

Hang Onto Your Beer Money

Fortunately for you and all the other jerks who prowl the mean nba 2k16 hack ios streets of cities and towns across the planet, there are now services on the Internet that will gladly print your trashy thoughts and offensive conjurings on t-shirts for you. Also, thanks to newly developed digital printing technology you don’t have to get into your beer money to pay them.

Your Fine Artwork

Sure, silk screening is still around and most of these online services still offer it, but for printing smaller orders of custom t-shirts you cant beat the cost of digital printing. Also, digital technology completely eliminates any chance of screwing up your fine artwork. This is because the design that you email them is simply scanned directly into their digital printer and then printed directly onto your shirts.

Don’t Go Color Crazy

Take a tip though and that is to try to keep you design tanki online hacked as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean that your work has to look like a third grader did it. What this means is the custom t-shirt printing is a little like tattooing in that a color scheme that is too busy or has too many colors in it can spoil the overall effect that you are after.


Chip and Dan Heath have written an excellent book, Switch, on how to make change easy. I found plenty of ways to apply their ideas and strategies to help you make the transition from a life on the treadmill to one with joyful intermissions of Mini-Retreats.
The Heath’s borrow Jonathan Haidt’s analogy of three players that are involved in making and preventing change:
1. The Elephant: our emotions
2. The Rider: our intellect
3. The Path: our environment
Ideally, we want to create a situation where the elephant is providing the power to move forward, the rider is steering the course and the path is clear for rider and elephant to move forward. However, for that to happen we need to know what is standing in the way of creating the change we want to accomplish: is it knowledge, motivation or too many obstacles on the path ahead?
Direct the Rider
1.”Script the Critical Moves”: Think of specific situations and turn these into opportunities for Mini-Retreats:
* Red-Light Relaxer: every dragon mania legends hack tool online time you stop at a red traffic light, relax, take a deep breath, role back your shoulders, smile.
* Refresh with Water: every time you take a sip of water, relax and imagine how the water is replenishing your energy.
* Wash Away Your Worries: every time you wash your hands, imagine all your worries washing off and draining down the sink with the water.
2. “Point to the Destination”: Change is easier when you know where you are going and why it is worth it. Here are a few destination points my clients have identified for themselves:
* “I will be a good listener.”
* “I will live up to my creative potential.”
* “I will be an inspiration for my kids.”
* “I will be in control.”
Think about the destination that will inspire you to take Mini-Retreats and write it down.
Motivate the Elephant
3. “Shrink the Change”: Break down the change until it no longer intimidates the Elephant. Lucia Terra, a reader of The Mini-Retreat Solution says: “I had always found I was too busy to take a break because I thought I needed to free one or two hours of my time. That almost never happened. With the “Mini-Retreat Solution” there aren’t any excuses anymore: even if you only have a couple of minutes, you can take any of the ideas presented in the book and take a break at home, at work or even during your commute!”
Shape the Path
4. “Tweak the Environment”: When the situation changes, the behavior changes. Take a good look at your environment, your workplace, your home and your car. Notice the things in your environment that help you relax, appreciate them and visit more information keep them. Then take a second to notice the things that make you feel stressed and look at how you can eliminate or tweak those.
Here are a few examples that work well for me:
* I got rid of the alarm sound that announces a new e-mail in my in-box. It helps me focus on my work and I now check e-mail when I choose to.
* I turn my phone ringer on mute every night before I go to bed. I am never disturbed in my sleep and check my messages in the morning when it’s convenient.
5. “Build Habits”: When behavior is habitual, it’s “free” – it doesn’t tax the Rider. Look for ways to encourage habits such as setting action triggers. Here are a few examples:
* A post-it note on your steering wheel that says “relax” or “breathe”
* A reminder in your Outlook calendar
* Associate a specific activity with taking Mini-Retreats (e.g. taking a shower, eating, washing your hands).
6. “Rally the Herd”: Behavior is contagious; help spread it. Take Mini-Retreats together with your partner, family and friends.
When my partner John and I are halted by a red light, usually one of us suggests “time for a Mini-Retreat”. We both laugh, smile traffic racer hack cheats online at each other and relax.
When you turn chores into Mini-Retreats and relax while doing the dishes or folding the laundry, family members around you will notice your calm energy and it will impact them in a positive way. When you relax while spending time with your kids, they in turn will be more relaxed and less cranky.
Let’s spread the Mini-Retreat way of life!

A Brief History of Asbestos

Asbestos is a rather remarkable naturally occurring substance. Known as “rock floss” or “mountain leather”, man has found many uses for asbestos throughout the ages.

The word “asbestos” comes from the Greek name for “inextinguishable” or “indestructible.” For thousands of years asbestos has been admired for its heat- and fire-resistant properties as well as its strength.

There is evidence that Egyptians, five thousand years ago, wrapped the bodies of their pharaohs in asbestos in preparation for their journey to the next world.

It’s been found in ancient Scandinavian pottery.

It’s been found in ancient Roman lamp wicks and table cloths. The easily cleaned their table linens by just throwing them into a fire. After which they just removed them and shook them out.

As Industrial Age machinery spread through the US and Canada, asbestos was used to insulate read more machinery and factories.

Around 1880 large asbestos deposits were discovered in click more details Russia and Canada. This marked the start of the modern commercial asbestos industry.

By the beginning of the Second World War “rock floss” was extensively used in a wide range of products that included cement, insulation, packing materials, and nonflammable fabrics.

It was used in everything from clutch facings and brake shoes in cars to paper products, small kitchen appliances, and wallboards in homes.

By the time of the Korean War began asbestos was used in literally thousands of products, including cigarette filters.

Within the next twenty years the deadly results associated with the use of asbestos started to become more well known by the public.

Then, in the 1970s, the United States government began to ban the production of many products that contained this substance. Consequently, asbestos use click this website started to decline sharply.

However, people who had regularly worked with materials and products that contained asbestos had already been exposed to the substance. And an increasingly large number of these people were succumbing to illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis.

In addition, the family members of employees who worked for ship building, construction, mining, and other factories whose products used asbestos were also getting ill. This happened because asbestos fibers were being brought home on the employee’s clothing.

Today lung cancer, Check our website mesothelioma, and other illnesses related to asbestos are being increasingly recognized as diseases that were probably caused by second hand exposure to these fibers.

People who live close to asbestos mines may be drinking water that contains the material. People who live in homes that were constructed with asbestos products may be breathing in the fibers as these materials wear down and the fibers are released into the air.

Asbestos fibers can be contaminating drinking water as it is released from the cement pipes that are used to carry the water or after it is filtered through water filters that contain “mountain leather”.

Because of these water-related risks the EPA now mandates that water suppliers regularly test water samples.

The best way to protect you and your family from asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related illnesses is to limit the amount of exposure at work and at home.

Surviving Tenure – Ten Lessons the TV Show Survivor Teaches Strategic Perspectives

Every time I share my analogy of tenure to the TV show Survivor™ faculty colleagues start laughing, nodding and poking each other like school children. Why do they react this way? Because the comparison strikes home so squarely and exposes the extreme pressure, high costs and yes, some, absurd, but necessary, strategies to successfully navigate the tenure process.
Opening Scene
* The camera zooms in on a dark room, quite mysterious, and with wisps of smoke dancing in the air.
* The chanting theme music of the TV show Survivor™ plays in the background with the drum punctuating the darkness with looming fear, even dread.
* Our eyes are drawn to the glowing torches positioned around the campfire and empty benches…
* The music crescendos as the tenured faculty enter (in full academic regalia of course). They keep their eyes cast downward and walk in solemn procession. With precision, they take their privileged places at the “tenure tribal council”.
The scene provides a vivid and quite comical picture, doesn’t it? No doubt if you are in higher education tenure track position, you are chuckling and adding more details to the scene. Therefore, join me in considering the lessons that we may learn about the tenure process if we consider its parallels to this popular reality show.
1. You will be voted on by the tribal council, but in your case it’s the tenure and promotion committee.
2. You can be voted off the academic island, if you do not “play well with others.”
3. Determine the mores, rules and expectations of the tribe or else you will make fatal errors in public and choices.
4. Modestly excel beyond the expectations of the tribe or else you will disturb the dead wood.
5. Have a strategic plan for handling the demands of the tribe, or else you will be run ragged.
share this site 6. Make yourself invaluable to the tribe or else you will be the first to exit.
7. Build strategic alliances in order to protect you from click more details the attacks which will come.
8. Watch out for enemy alliances. It is not a matter of if, but when, they will attack.
9. Blindly trust no one, there are too many hidden agendas to learn in this lifetime.
10. Document your achievements to the tribe using the approved code (oral tradition, tenure box, letter) or else you will not be valued and will be disqualified at the council meeting.
Please note, this article is not intended to question, nor visit more information devalue tenure and promotion. The author highly values these processes and what they stand for when they are followed with the best intentions of the academy.
However, this brief parable does provide insights to help us laugh at the pressure and strain we all experience in this process. It may also help us consider real, and tongue-in-cheek, strategies which may help people evaluate their actions in this difficult organization-wide experience.
I want to clearly state that I greatly appreciate the hard work of all the tenure and promotion committees, deans, division chairs, mentors and faculty who give of their time to make the process work well.
Most of all, I wish all those candidates pursuing tenure and promotion great success!
I earnestly hope we can all enjoy a good round of laughter as we look at ourselves from a different perspective. Who knew we were probably stars of this show?

Credit Scores

A lot of the things in this world revolve around credit. Every time you apply for credit, be it for a house, a car or as simple as a credit card, the creditor will look at your credit scores.

Your credit score sums up your credit rating in a single three digit number which can range from 300 to 850. Fair Isaac Corporation is the company that developed the first credit score as well as the FICO score.

Most people will have a score between 600 and 800. A higher credit score is always better. If you get a credit score of 720 or higher, you will get the most favorable interest rates on mortgage.

Lenders use different credit scoring models to assess your credit worthiness. Your credit score may vary because different credit Check our website scoring models will produce different scores.

There are three major credit reporting bureaus. These are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Each of these credit reporting bureaus use different scoring models. Your credit scores will be different from each company because they use different models. Equifax uses the BEACON score. Experian utilizes the Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model to find your credit score. appnana hack apk TransUnion uses the EMPIRICA score to come up with your credit score.

Another factor that comes into play and produces a different score for you is the credit information that each bureau receives. Equifax may have slight different information on you from TransUnion or from Experian. The information submitted to the credit reporting bureau will definitely affect your credit score.

Not all credit reporting bureaus have exactly the same information about you in their credit reports. The information they have about your credit will depend mostly on what is being reported to them. If you are applying for more credit and have been paying your dues diligently, make sure that your information has been submitted. If you’re new and are building your credit, make sure that the company you are with reports information these bureaus.

A new credit scoring model called VantageScore has been collaborated on by all three major credit reporting bureaus. This will create a uniform credit score as the same formula will be used by all three companies to calculate your credit score. This will remove the confusion caused by the different models used by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

The New VantageScore will range from 501 to 990. There will corresponding letter grades from A to F, similar to what schools use. Just like in school, the highly desirable score of 901-990 is given an A while a score of 501-600 is given an F.

No matter what credit scoring model is used, no matter which company produces your credit score, the only important thing is that you receive a good credit score. Your credit score will affect all your credit related activities. Even taking out a lease will require a credit check.

Your credit score will decide your success or failure in taking out credit. If you succeed at taking out credit, your credit score will affect the interest rates levied. If you have a high credit score or score in the higher ranges, you will get better rates on interest. The better your credit score is, the lower your interest rates become. If you are given credit but have a less than stellar credit score, your interest rates will be higher than a person who has a good credit score.

You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on interest payments alone if you have a good credit score. Getting a good credit score requires a lot of work and planning though. If you’re just starting out, make sure that you understand how credit works.

If you’ve stumbled a little on the way, you can still work on improving your credit score. This will take time and patience but the potential reward will have far reaching implications in your life.

If your credit report and your credit score are stellar, keep them that play nba 2k16 hacked way. You will find that the better your credit score is, the more lenders will trust you.

In the world of credit, your credit score is an indicator of how trustworthy you are. Make yourself look good to creditors. Have good credit scores.

Surgery Patients Risk Emotional Scars, Too: Memories Recorded While “Unconscious” Can Have Disastrous Results

In addition to waking up with a new nose, or a repaired spinal disk, patients can awake with an irrational fear, depression or other emotional scars.
Despite the use of general anesthesia, information is still recorded in the mind even when patients are unconscious, and what is said near someone who has been “knocked out” can have a disastrous effect on their life.
A comprehensive analysis of the data from 2,517 patients in 44 studies concluded that information is remembered following surgery and one study in particular showed that patients can even respond to verbal commands while unconscious.
Words spoken around those who are not fully aware as a result of anesthesia are stored, but not analyzed, and can have a hypnotic command-like effect on the individual according to L. Ron Hubbard whose Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health has sold 20 Million copies worldwide.
Anesthesiologist, Ralf Blackstone, M.D., a long-time proponent of the theories in Dianetics, cautions that conversation should be avoided around anesthetized persons. “While good care must be provided, it is not the time to criticize your colleagues or bemoan your difficult marriage.”
Moments of pain and unconsciousness can be recovered and their memories brought under the analytical control of the individual using Dianetics techniques.
“Finding out what happened when I was knocked out was a real shock” says James Tudor, who share this site had an operation to repair a hernia in 2001. “Even though I am only 24, I had an irrational feeling that I was getting old and losing my vigor after the surgery and didn’t know why.” When Mr. Tudor addressed the incident with Dianetics counseling he was surprised to discover that the nurse had teased the surgeon saying “You are losing your touch–You’re getting old” during the operation. “I also had post-surgical anxiety, that was explained by other comments made by the operating room staff while I was unconscious”.
“The feelings were relieved after I understood the source of them and they were no longer hidden from view, but I would hate to think how trivia crack hacks my life would have been affected if I hadn’t found out” says Mr. Tudor.
Dr. Blackstone founded a non-profit group called Silent Surgery Education and Advisement to advocate for patients and to educate the surgical community about the benefits of maintaining a quiet operating room environment.
“The rights of the unconscious must be protected, and surgeons can take steps to safeguard their patient’s emotional well-being by avoiding any unnecessary talk during surgeries” says Dr. Blackstone.
For more information on Dianetics, visit

Switzerland Travel -Heaven on Earth

Get ready for an amazing vacation to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ – Switzerland. The mighty Alps, the lush greenery, the silence valleys, the refreshing environment, the amazing tourist attractions, the fun filled snow activities and of course the picturesque landscape – everything that you experience while on your Switzerland Travel, you are sure to cherish it for the rest of your life. As you set foot on this amazing country of Europe, you will realize that God has been a little extra generous on this part of the planet. Let the splendor and beauty take you to a fairy land which you always dreamt of. A tour to Switzerland will leave you wanting for more and you are sure to visit the land more than once in your lifetime.
Switzerland is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe tour. Most of the Indian Holiday packages include this fascinating country and give tourists something unique to explore. Millions of tourists visit Switzerland throughout the year. The best part is that no matter what your vacation plan is, you are sure to find a fulfilling holiday experience here in this country. From adventure aficionados to honeymooners, from group travelers to explorers – Switzerland has something for every traveler. Book your tour to Switzerland and make your dream come true!
Switzerland homes a wide range of tourists attractions. Being considered as one of the most humble and friendly countries in Europe, one may create some everlasting memories in this country. Enjoy fun rides on the trains, funicular railways, cable cars, and ski lifts. Visit cities like Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Thun, Vernier etc. Do not miss out the attractions like The Matterhorn, Swiss National Park, The Chillon Castle, Zermatt, The Tropical Alps, Lake Geneva, The Rhine share this site Falls, Aletsch glacier and many more.
Your Switzerland Travel will also let you try out the various flavours of chocolate which the click more details country is famous for. Try out the different shapes and forms of chocolate and let the smooth, delicious confection give you an extra pinch of joy. Buy sweet gifts for your friends and family back home and add sweetness to your life. Other things that you may indulge in buying are Swiss army knives, Swiss fondue, Swiss wine, beer steins, cuckoo clocks and also famous Swiss watches. Switzerland has options to shop till you drop.
For travelers seeking some fun filled adventure, Switzerland is the place to be. Feel the thrill and let your adrenals rush as you take trivia crack hacks a plunge from the highest heights or slide on the slippery white snow. Click some amazing picture and take back home wonderful memories. Few activities that you may indulge in are skiing, para-gliding, trekking, mountaineering, camping, canyoning, rafting, bungy-jumping, sky-diving, heli-jumping and many more. A Switzerland Holiday would go in vain, if you do not indulge in any of the sports. Forget the stress of the daily life, shout till you lose your voice, feel the seconds of fun and relive your life.
Pack your bags, your snow boots and your camera! Book your Switzerland Travel and get ready for a holiday filled with fun, thrill and relaxation. Give yourself a wonderful break and cherish each day of your break forever!

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cysts

ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop on the ovaries, the female reproductive organs that produce eggs. Women can develop ovarian cysts as a normal part of their menstrual cycle as the ovaries prepare eggs to release into the fallopian tubes. While many of these cysts are completely benign (not harmful to health), some ovarian cysts can be malignant, meaning they pose a danger to health.

ovarian cyst Symptoms

The majority of ovarian cyst symptoms are harmless ovarian cysts. It’s been estimated that up to ten percent of women of childbearing age can develop potentially dangerous or serious ovarian cyst symptoms.

Before getting into the actual symptoms of an ovarian cyst you need to learn exactly what it is. An Ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac found usually on the surface of an ovary.

Depending on where the cyst is and its size, it may put pressure on the bladder or bowels, making you need to go to the toilet more often.

In rare cases, ovarian cysts can cause abnormal amounts of hormones to be produced. This can affect your periods, and speed up or change the way your breasts and body hair grow.

Rupture of the cyst. A large cyst is associated with moderately severe, sharp, boring and constant pain that increases while the cyst enlarges to the point of rupture.
Twisting of the cyst around its blood supply. A twisted ovary can be severely painful as the blood supply to the ovary diminishes.

Long-term pelvic pain during menstrual period that m
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Pelvic pain after strenuous exercise or sexual intercourse

Pain or pressure with urination or bowel movements

In many cases there are no symptoms what so ever. However if symptoms do occur a female will feel:

A swollen abdomen.
Increased pressure on the bladder or bowels (which means you will find the need to go to the toilet more frequently).
Painful sexual intercourse.
Irregular periods.

Pelvic click more details pain shortly after beginning or ending a menstrual period.
Difficulty urinating
Abnormal uterine bleeding

Ovarian cysts are sometimes a feature of other conditions affecting the pelvic organs, such as endometriosis. They are occasionally seen in early pregnancy.

Very occasionally, an ovarian cyst is actually the earliest form of ovarian cancer. However, ovarian cysts are very common, and affect mainly women in their 30s and 40s, visit more information whereas ovarian cancer is uncommon and mostly affects women over the age of 50.

Direct pressure from the cysts on the ovaries and surrounding structures. This causes chronic pelvic fullness or a dull ache.
Bleeding from a cyst into and around the ovary. This causes more intense, sharp pain.

If you have had an abnormal cyst removed, you will also need to prevent a recurrence. The underlying problem here is not a simple hormonal imbalance, but abnormal cell growth. The approach in this instance is to ensure that your immune system is functioning properly, so that abnormal cells can be engulfed and destroyed. You’ll also need to optimise the function of your liver, which plays a part in the destruction of abnormal cells and foreign substances before they reach the bloodstream.

Lawyers: requirements, job description and salary

You must have seen criminal defense lawyers in the television many a time while watching the lawyer and cop kind of shows, and surely must have found their role very interesting. In real life such lawyers are always busy, as some one or the other is in need of their help. Criminal lawyers have the responsibility of defending individuals, entities and organizations that have fallen within the grasp of criminal law cases. The various cases they have to fight include sex crimes, domestic violence crimes, drug crimes, theft and so on. The job of a criminal defense lawyer is very interesting, and this is the reason why more and more students study criminal law. Below are mentioned all that you need to know about a criminal lawyer.
Educational requirements
To become a criminal defense lawyer and to fight criminal law cases one first needs to complete seven years of education. The undergraduate level needs four years to get completed. The click this website particular bachelor’s degree that an aspiring candidate earns is not that important, more importance should be given visit more information to maintaining proper grades, and developing communication, investigative, research and analysis skills. After graduating, an aspiring student needs to apply to a law school by first clearing the Law School Admission Test. After completing the three years education of criminal defence law specialization the student gets a J.D. degree.
Job description
A criminal defence lawyer, while fighting a criminal law case, becomes the ears, mouth and brain of his client. He needs to speak on behalf of his client who has been accused of doing a crime. Giving importance to his client’s legal rights, he puts in every possible effort to reduce the charges that his client has been blamed with. Before the court proceedings begin, the client meets the criminal defence lawyer to discuss the case with him. The lawyer then starts collecting all required data and goes through the case properly.
To collect data he may take information from detectives, police officers, case witnesses and others related to the case and crime. He needs to guide the accuser with how he should answer the prosecutor officer, police department and other federal authority while interrogation. The lawyer properly researches and investigates on all the positive and negative possibilities in the particular case. He needs to hold interviews with the various witnesses. It is also his responsibility to perform the various legal formalities for his client. He needs to keep guiding his client during visit our website the parole and probation period. While in the court it is his task to summarize the whole case to the jury.
The criminal defence lawyer draws his salary depending on the crime he is defending. The average salary could be from $45,000 to $150,000 per year, and with addition of some perks it could go as high as $175,000 per year. Depending on the crime for which he is fighting, most criminal lawyers generally charge a flat fee. If the lawyer is fighting a white-collar crime he will earn more compared to when fighting a DUI case. Salaries can also vary depending on where the lawyer is employed. This refers to city or state employment and also on the firm where he works. A criminal lawyer will earn more if working for a private firm compared to those working as public defenders. Anyhow, the salary of criminal defence lawyer is very good. With experience, one can expect to draw an even better salary.

EFT For Phobias

Spiders. Roaches. Ants. Worms. Snakes. Lizards. If all the hair on the back of your neck is not standing up now, you’re probably in the minority. There just aren’t that many people who like creepy, crawly things.
There are the insect collectors, and the snake lovers and people who just adore spiders, but for most of us, myself included, those critters are all pretty low on our list of favorite things.
Although I don’t love creepy, crawly critters, I can honestly say that I’m not normally scared of them either. My daughtersnake is a snake lover who kept a pet python for years. One night she neglected to tell me that the python had escaped from his tank, and I woke up in the middle of the night with my cat next to me on the bed, hissing loudly. I reached over and turned on the light, and on the floor next to my bed, rearing up and staring at me, was a snake! Not recognizing him in my moment of terror, I screamed. My appnana hack apk daughter came running, and laughed like crazy when she saw the snake and I staring at each other. (That did not, by the way, endear my daughter to me!) As soon as I knew that the snake was my daughter’s I was fine, but had that been a wild snake invading my house, all bets would have been off!
Phobias about snakes, spiders, and all sorts of creepy critters are fairly common.
Many people look at a snake and for some reason assume that its’ skin is slimy (that’s not true!), and they find snakes repulsive and frightening. Lots of folks hate the ways snakes move, slithering from side to side, and the way they pull their heads back as if they’re about to strike. Keep in mind that I’m talking about tame, pet snakes here. Wild snakes would require a whole different (and much more scary) blog post. While snakes are definitely not my idea of the ideal pet, I received a thorough education on snakes from my reptile loving daughter, and even held and fed her snake from time to time.
I had a coworker that had a serious phobia about snakes. She didn’t even like to think about or talk about them, and needless to say, she certainly didn’t want to be near one. This coworker came to the house for a visit, and went to take a look at my daughter’s room. I had no idea about her phobia at this point. She opened the door to moviestarplanet hack android my daughter’s room, and I heard the loudest shriek I’d ever heard, as she came thundering (literally!) out of the room and slammed the door behind her. She had spotted the snake in its’ tank, and that was all it took to send her into a complete panic.
About ten years ago, when my son was still living at home, he decided that the perfect pet was a tarantula. I am NOT a spiderfan of spiders, but I tolerated his new pet because it was in a closed container. After the first couple of days, I never really thought about the tarantula, except when I could hear the crickets that it ate chirping..their last chirps! My mother came to town for a visit, and I had my son move to the couch so his grandmother could have a private room. She was getting ready for bed on her first night there when I heard her shout for my son. She had spotted the spider, and had no intention of sleeping in the same room with it, whether it was in a container or not. For the rest of her visit, the tarantula took up temporary residence on the top of my refrigerator.
The stories that I’ve been relating are sort of funny, although I’m sure that my mom and coworker didn’t think so at the time, but for some people with bad phobias about creepy, crawly things, that phobia can really impact on their lives.
If you find yourself struggling with a phobia over a snake, spider, or other critter, and would really like to rid yourself of that fear, EFT can do the trick! EFT is highly effective for phobias, and two or three rounds of tapping might make all the difference for you.
Tapping Script For Those With a Fear of Spiders
Karate chop:

* Even though I think spiders are creepy and I don’t like to be anywhere near them, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
* Even though the very thought of a spider getting near me or crawling on me makes all the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.
* Even though I’m scared to death of spiders, I’m open to considering that maybe tapping can help to get rid of that fear, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.Eyebrow: I can’t stand spiders
Inside eye: Thinking about all those legs makes me cringe
Under eye: I don’t like how they look or how they walk
Under nose: A spider could drop on me from the ceiling or crawl up my leg
Chin: It makes me kind of sick to think about that
Collar bone: Spiders are really yucky and I dont’ like them at all
Under arm: Those long legs and big eyes are so scary
Top of head: Icky, creepy, check here hairy, scary spiders…YUCK!!!
Eyebrow: Just thinking about spiders gives me the chills
Inside eye: I don’t want to be anywhere around them
Under eye: But maybe it’s time to start working on that spider fear
Under nose: I may never love spiders
Chin: But I don’t have to stay terrified of them
Collar bone: Maybe spiders aren’t really all that bad
Under arm: Starting to release some of my fear of spiders
Top of head: Letting that fear just drain out of my body.
Eyebrow: A spider is just a little tiny critter
Inside eye: And I’m a full grown adult…what is there to be afraid of?
Under eye: All that fear about a little spider is starting to feel kind of silly
Under nose: Continuing to let go of my fear of spiders
Chin: I still don’t have to like those critters
Collar bone: But I can see myself moving calmly away
Under arm: If a spider heads in my direction
Top of head: Replacing the last of my spider fear with an energy of calmness.

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