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Table Tipping: Reality or Hoax?

I had the pleasure of sitting for a class on physical mediumship with Lily Dale Assembly registered medium, Gerta Lestock, and was pleasantly entertained, instructed and empowered. Through the use of mental distraction and the elevation of personal energy, Ms Lestock led the students through the art of mangling cutlery and dancing tables! No piddly table tipping here, oh no! These tables were literally hopping across the room! Now, I don’t ask you to believe me, because I know how impossible that sounds, but dragon mania legends hack tool online let the open-minded skeptic in you keep your mind open to the possibility.
If I hadn’t witnessed this incredible sight I wouldn’t have believed it. And believe me, I was looking for charlatans! btd battles cheats hack I stood back watching as three separate tables began slightly tipping when students placed their hands lightly upon the table’s surface. It didn’t appear that their hands were pressing and many students only had their fingertips lightly upon the surface. I was intrigued!
My turn… Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn! Along with five other students, I barely placed my fingertips upon a table roughly 2’x3’. We began singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat for mental distraction, and within 20 seconds the table began to lightly tip back and forth. We then began singing the song in rounds while increasing the volume and the table then began to violently rock back and forth as well as spin counter-clockwise. The group of six people, led by the dancing, rocking table, were soon spinning around the room as if we were dancing at a formal ball trying to keep up with the table. Stuff of fantasies? Think not. No one was more surprised than I was!
In retrospect, I believe that the use of spirit energy in a physical sense, helps verify the claims of the possibility of physical manifestation of spirit, which was witnessed through the demonstration of table tipping.
Who knows… might be my next class! Keep watching here the blogs and sign up for my monthly newsletter to find when upcoming classes will be posted. Text “22828” to “MediumLisa” to sign up for my monthly newsletter.

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