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Photo Therapy

Women of all age, sizes and shapes love Dominika de Koster for bringing out the best of them when taking their photos. She believes being not-photogenic simply does not exist and if only, it’s just the wrong camera angle.

Every now and then we all need this confidence boost that leads us to believe in being attractive and feeling good in our bodies. Despite mancaments and imperfections we all do hold, photos of Dominika de Koster show her clients a totally different and new way of how they are being perceived and who they really are. Not so long ago I treated myself with a photo-therapy-shoot after a long week and recent break up, approach and directions made me feel like a model. The final outcome left me speechless as I did not think I look sooo attractive:)

After 7 years spent in UK and being recently awarded the winner in “The World’s Best Photos of Castles in Scotland” competition, she came back to her Mother Land – Poland.

While working on commercial and fashion photography, the biggest joy she gets when taking photos of women who rarely stand in front of the camera. Her photography tutorials are soon to be available in UK, in which she will also reveal the tips and tricks behind taking a stunning portrait and the posing that is just about right:)

Dominika de Koster opened her photography atelier back in Scotland in 2008, her passion became a way of life whilst delivering loads of challenging projects involving work with many interesting people.

Portfolio she gradually builded up over the last few years definitely strikes the audience with vivid colors. One may perceive it as balancing on slightly over post-processing,but at the end majority of you will agree with me, it was worth taking a risk. Delivering a slightly different and more mature style of the images she captures,than she did at the beginning, the strong color and the painting impression she lefts us with cannot remain unnoticed.

Her photography offer includes extensive range of services. Even though her favourite objects to shot are people, her fairly-tale like landscape and castles sets rarely cease to amaze those who know her work. Her clientele enjoys working with her due to constant guidance and directions provided by her in the process. When one is unsure of what to do, she immediately jumps in to demonstrate the exact pose and look,describing very precisely of what one needs to think of to project the look and image she wants to achieve.

Copyright (c) 2012 Karen Fitzpatrick, PWP

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