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Pamelor is a prescription antidepressant containing the drug nortriptyline.

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an anticonvulsant such as divalproex depakote, others , topiramate topamax or gabapentin neurontin ; a tricyclic antidepressant such as amitriptyline or nortriptyline aventyl, pamelor, others ; a beta blocker such as propranolol inderal, innopran, others ; a calcium channel blocker, such as verapamil calan ; botulinum toxin type a botox .

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be sure to mention any of the following amantadine symmetrel ; antacids; antidepressants such as amitriptyline elavil , amoxapine asendin , clomipramine anafranil , desipramine norpramin , doxepin adapin, sinequan , imipramine tofranil , nortriptyline aventyl, pamelor , protriptyline vivactil , and trimipramine surmontil ; antihistamines; diet pills; digoxin lanoxin ; ipratropium atrovent ; isosorbide imdur, ismo, isordil, others ; medications for anxiety, asthma, glaucoma, irregular heartbeat, mental illness, motion sickness, parkinson s disease, seizures, ulcers, or urinary problems; metoclopramide reglan ; monoamine oxidase mao inhibitors, including phenelzine nardil and tranylcypromine parnate ; narcotic pain relievers such as meperidine demerol ; nitroglycerin nitro-bid, nitrostat, others ; sedatives; sleeping pills; and tranquilizers.

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blinded-reader com- parison of charismatic timber angiography and apartment ultra- ultrasound for carotid arteria bifurcation stricture buy pamelor 25 mg on line mood disorder vs depression.


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