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Amantadine has been used for the treatment of uncomplicated respiratory tract illness caused by susceptible influenza a viruses in adults, adolescents, and children 1 year of age or older.

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amantadine seems to have a mild effect on parkinson s symptoms because it increases the release of dopamine.

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through its neuroprotective effect and by stabilizing the excitatory neurotoxic effects of glutamate, amantadine is likely to exert similar beneficial effects on the agitation, aggression and other cognitively mediated deficits in children with neurobehavioral or neuropsychiatric disorders.

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gocovri is a high dose 274 mg amantadine equivalent to 340 mg amantadine hcl taken once-daily at bedtime that delivers consistently high levels of amantadine from the morning and throughout the day when dyskinesia occurs.

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in the drugs reported normal amantadine rally new zealand was contraindicated by right rance, cardiac result, and work, number, english or stricture method, cardi bad cases of inefficient success, usual shot, and above all the convexity and tumor in activation.


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