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Also known as anemia of chronic b cell disease disorders associated with b-type lymphocytes such diseases acd as cll angina any condition characterized by spasmodic feelings of suf- b cells or b lymphocytes the primary source of cells responsible focation for antibody responses anisochromia variation of the color of erythrocytes caused by un- bacteremia a bacterial infection of the blood equal hemoglobin concentration base pair a nucleotide either adenine discount alavert 10mg line allergy medicine that works quickly, guanine 10mg alavert with mastercard allergy forecast little rock ar, cytosine, anisocytosis a general term used to denote an increased variation thymidine, or uracil and its complementary base on the in cell size opposite strand 591 592 glossary basic calcium phosphate bcp a type of crystal that can be seen cell coincidence error more than one cell passing through the aperture in joint synovial fluid of an impedance cell-counting instrument at the same time basophilia an abnormal increase in the number of erythrocytes centrioles a pair of central spots inside the centrosome with a blue appearance.

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