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The word lithium is derived from the greek word for stone, lithos , because it was first discovered in stone.

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renal function must be followed carefully throughout the course of treatment with lithium since the development of diabetes insipidus and chronic interstitial nephritis is often irreversible, even when lithium therapy is discontinued 23 .

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subsequent investigators studied psychiatric patients as control subjects who were not being treated with lithium and found that histologic lesions on renal biopsy in these patients were similar to those treated with lithium 23 .

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this transporter has been variously called the sodium sodium exchanger, the sodium lithium exchanger, and the sodium-lithium countertransporter.

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while australia extracts lithium from traditional hard-rock mines, chile s lithium is found in brines below the surface of salt flats.

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the graduate student said he is focusing on building better lithium batteries for both consumer electronic devices and electric vehicles.


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