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Is trileptal fda approved for bipolar disorder

, an assistant professor of psychiatry at rush medical center in chicago, presented a poster at the american psychiatric association s annual conference, in which he compared trileptal to depakote in the treatment of mania and found them to be indistinguishable in both efficacy and tolerability of side effects in adults.

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regarding oxcarbazepine trileptal , although it is not fda approved for this indication, it behaves similarly to carbamazepine.

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i never knew how sick i was for all of those years until i was on the trileptal and felt what healthy was like.

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chapter 11 antiseizure drugs 189 lamotrigine lamictal is used with other aeds for treat- oxcarbazepine trileptal is a newer drug that is struc- ment of partial seizures buy 250mg eulexin.

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summary of antiepileptic medicinal product interactions with trileptal.


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