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Taking Yoga Teacher Training Online

With yoga rising more and more in popularity, many skilled yogis are looking to take their practice to the next level by becoming certified yoga instructors. However, since most aspiring instructors already hold a full-time job and may have a full commitment load, finding a teacher training course that works with their busy schedules might prove to be a bit of a challenge. Thanks to the internet, many aspiring yoga instructors seek out their yoga teacher training online. While online instruction can be valuable, it can have its drawbacks as well. Here are the pros and cons to obtaining your yoga instructor certification on the internet.

Pro: Create a Schedule That Works For You – The biggest reason why yogis seek out their teacher certification online is because they can create a learning schedule that fits in with their lifestyle. For anyone who’s ever been held back from achieving their dream of becoming a yoga instructor due to a hectic schedule, online training can be a blessing.

Con: No In-Person Instruction – Anyone who practices yoga understands the importance of in-person instruction. From mastering an asana to learning how to breathe correctly, there is no substitution for hands-on instruction. With online instruction, there is no teacher present to make any corrections or modifications. However, newer styles of online instruction have found a way to correct this, as you’ll see in the next pro.

Pro: New Technology Makes Online Instruction More Hands-On – While older online instruction formats lacked the hands-on aspect of an in-person instructor, newer formats that use video make online yoga teacher training almost identical to an in-person program. By using a web camera, instructors can watch their students live and make any necessary suggestions. This format allows students to enjoy the experience of an in-person class from their own home.

Con: Missed Opportunities For Networking – One of the perks of taking a teacher training course through a studio is that students can meet their fellow teachers-to-be, create bonds with their instructors and become affiliated with a studio. Students who seek online, independent training lack these luxuries. However, while these are certainly perks to an in-person program, there are still ways for online students to create these connections. As long as you continue visiting local studios and attending yoga-related events, you can still create these connections boom beach cheats hack as an online student.

The ability to obtain one’s yoga teacher training online can be invaluable for those who aspire to become yoga instructors but felt held back by a busy schedule. While there are certainly perks to studying through an in-person program, newer advancements in technology make online teacher training more hands-on than ever. Ultimately, it’s important to continue to be an active member of your local yoga community, even if you are studying online. This will help you greatly once you embark on your teaching career. The people that you meet now may end up being your co-workers or students later, so don’t be afraid to really get involved in your city or town’s yoga scene. Namaste.

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