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The Proper Ways To Install MODX On Hostgator Server

The Proper Ways to Install MODX on Hostgator Server

Due to the advancement of technology, it becomes easy for people to work on their online businesses. There are a number of programs and tools that are being discovered these days, and these are the ones people take advantage of in order to develop their industry. One of these tools includes the MODX foundation.

MODX Defined

MODX is known to be a certain foundation that provides two distinctive types of CMS or Content Management System. These two MODX CMS include MODX Revolution and the MODX Evolution. Basically, there are only slight differences between these two CMS click this site of MODX.

What Is MODX Evolution?

MODX Evolution is known as the fundamental CMS (Content Management System), which was designed initially during the first development of MODX. The Evolution is favorable for some small business websites and personal websites with medium or medium traffic. This type of here MODX CMS provides rich performance for game of war fire age hack cheats tool many websites. There are a number of available add-ons that are helpful to make the functionality of these websites longer.

What Is MODX Revolution?

This kind of MODX CMS was designed in more than 3 years period. This kind is the new inclusive MODX Evolution structure. Revolution is designed in order to accomplish the concerns of large websites. It provides scalability and flexibility for compound websites. On the other hand, the Evolution provides scalability on various servers, which include various databases.

MODX provides powerful flexibility when it comes to customization. You could customize your own website just the way you want it without having to worry about compromises or restrictions. Search Engine Optimization is just a few clicks with MODX. You can modify the page contents and titles very easily. MODX is really secure and safe. In addition to this, you can make your articles protected with a password through the use of MODX. Therefore, having these ideas about MODX features on your mind can surely let you decide to try its use right away. So, you may want to install MODX on HostGator server.

You may effortlessly install MODX on HostGator server by the help of the QuickInstall feature. The following steps will tell you how you can properly do it:

1.The first thing you should do is to login to the control panel with your password and username.

2.Hit the “QuickInstall” button, which is found below the Service/Software section.

3.After which, you may click on the link of MODX, which is found below the sections of CMS software in the navigation panel (left).

4.Now, click on the “Continue” button.

5.Key in the URL from which you wish to get the MODX software installed. You will also be asked to enter some necessary information. After you have given all the required information, hit the button for “Install Now!”

6.After the installation process is finished, you’ll be provided with the admin password and username. You should take note of those details as you will need them to login to the website.

Knowing these steps will tell you how to install the MODX on HostGator server properly.

MODX offers two versions, MODX revolution and MODX evolution. You can easily install MODX evolution on HostGator. Just follow simple steps at this guide.

MODX offers two versions, MODX revolution and MODX evolution. You can easily install MODX evolution on HostGator. Just follow simple steps at the guide given at .

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