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Try a New Vegetable

When my son, Hugh and I were wandering around the farmers’ market last week I spied something I’d never seen before. I asked the farmer what the name of the vegetable was he and he replied “pig weed.” I guess the look on my face said it all, because he added “amaranth.” Hugh’s hand shot out instantly to take a bunch. I was a bit surprised at his alacrity until he said with a lowered voice “Fuchsia uses it.” Then my hand shot out for a bunch of my own. Hugh and I are big devotees of her books, so the amaranth was something we had to try.

Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook had two recipes for amaranth, boiled and stirfried. I’m not a huge fan of boiling greens, so I opted for the stirfry. It has quite a strong taste to it. I thought it was akin to rapini on my first bite, but then I noticed a real spinach flavour to it as well. I just ate it straight with a pinch of salt on it, but I think you could squeeze a bit of lemon juice, or yuzu on it as well.

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