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Creating order out of chaos

Creating order out of chaos requires power and he who wields such power is a genius he will conquer obstacles and obtain anything he wants in this life without violating the rights of others.This power and authority has been discovered by men and women of destiny, who refuse to just make a living but rather design their own lifestyles. Man’s destiny is shaped in thought and circumstances are the mirror through which man beholds himself so that he may do the necessary mental improvements and press on towards the goal mark of his most cherished desires.
Focusing on disease will bring about disease and focusing on poverty will bring about poverty. The man who has this understanding that behind all appearances is God almighty who is alive with creative ability and from him all things proceed will stand strong and render wise and prudent judgment in the face of adversity.
God’s creative ability is revealed through the great and awesome universe in which we all live and therein communicate as one race. Even at creation God spoke his thoughts into existence without faltering at the chaos and darkness that existed. He saw the universe in the way he wanted it to be and simply gave orders. All that we see and enjoy today came as a result of God’s command. He then made man in his image and abundantly blessed him and endowed him with God-like potential so that man would design his own life according to the patterns set in motion by God himself.
Man is called upon to operate all his affairs in like manner. Living and manifesting God like thoughts is not an overnight adventure but requires time and effort. With practice and patience man becomes aware of who he is in God and his own unique brilliance will be moviestarplanet cheats hack tool illuminated. Under this banner man starts to maneuver and bring about the change and transformation that he so desperately desires.
Man’s toll order is to think his way through all situations and manifest the glory of God that is in all of us. It is not in some of us, but all of us. This is an area that needs special attention. Many people cringe when faced with circumstances, instead of rising up and declaring who they are and what they stand for.
Deep within man dwells a certain unique brilliance, which man never dreamed of possessing. If this unique brilliance is aroused and put to action man is capable of achieving anything he sets his mind to. It can revolutionize his life in proportions never imagined before. He can surmount any challenge, he can create anything he wants, he can get whatever he wants and he can become whatever he wants to become and there are no exceptions.
From nowhere and out of nothing man is capable of creating and shaping his own destiny according to the desires of his heart. This means that man’s life here on earth must be a life of purpose, objectivity, design and destiny.
What is the purpose of your life? How are you planning and designing your life? At this moment you must be admonished that God fully endowed and equipped you with all the resources you need in order for you to function in a dynamic way in this world. All you need is right within you and all around you. God is good, wouldn’t you say?
Each moment you are making a committed decision about your life you are shaping your own destiny. Once you learn the power of decision making you will understand that with each committed decision you make, backed by inspired action will attract providence. All resources, mentors and teachers will suddenly appear. People you do not know will join you in your vision. It takes courage, you may think and that’s very true. It does take courage.
The reason why many people fail in life is because they let circumstances and appearances decide for them. Think, circumstances and appearances are the product of man’s way of thinking and doing things not vice-versa. Grasp this concept and you are on your way to success. I want you, right now, to start looking at situations in the way you would like them to play appnana hack no download be not the way they are. Decide how you would like to see things in your life, do not settle for anything less. Just because things are doesn’t mean that’s the way they should be.
Now if you are guided by circumstances and appearances you must stop right now and make a committed decision, that you are the one responsible and it’s your decision that matters. You decide what type of life you want to live and never settle for anything lower than the quality of who you really are.
As we grow in this truth our lives are emancipated from fear and doubt, suddenly we become invincible and irresistible. We wonder,” why didn’t I know this early in life?” Truth is light, it is unconquerable. Folly may mock it, ignorance may deride it but behold, in the end it stands out bold and clear.
Well, now that you know it. Start putting this knowledge into action. Start tanki online hack download no survey by changing your thoughts and dwell on what you want, and your world will soon change. This requires discipline on your part. Focus on the life you want and know that you truly deserve it.
Take inspired action. Thought alone will not deliver cash in your hands. Seek to learn and make learning a habit in your life. Have fun with learning and enjoy it. If you are growing, your pocket too will grow. Learning reveals the secret behind all man’s actions. Always remember that your circumstances are nothing but a mirror that reveals your inner world.
If you lack persistence in your life, you are just as good as non existent. It’s a manifestation of an unfanned desire. You are sure to be beaten before you even start. Discover your unique brilliance and you will never lack in this. All successful people discovered that in their unique brilliancies, failure is nothing but another step forward. Isn’t this amazing?
You too when you discover your own unique brilliance will be able to turn your weaknesses into stepping stones.
You must also allow yourself to learn from the masters. Those who have done it, whose theories and philosophies are time tested. Get into mastermind groups or even engage coaches and experts who will guide you in the implementation of your vision and definite plans.
It is an awesome experience to place yourself under an expert. Ask the right questions in the process. If you want to make more money place yourself under those who are making more money than you and you will be dazzled by the outcome. Always be respectful and grateful for the valuable time they spend guiding and coaching you.
In the art of creating abundance for yourself loyalty is absolutely important. This is measured in being loyal to yourself, family, friends, business, city and ultimately your own nation. As you sow so shall you reap.
Are you poor because you come from a poor family? Are you where you are because you do not have a university degree? What ever you may see as a form of handicap can be beaten hands down once you learn to think and act in the way prescribed herein. You will infallibly get out of your everyday beaten track.
If you see yourself as a grasshopper, that’s exactly what you are going to get in this life. Almost everyone has an excuse or alibi why they are not living the life of their dreams. Broken families, lack of education, countries broken down by war and hunger, sickness and disease, well enough, that sound like everybody’s story and it leads to nowhere except repeated failure.
What are you doing about? This is the ultimate question. What are you going to do? Really think, are you just going to sit and flow with the status quo? I guess not, then you need a paradigm shift and blaze your trail, into a life of absolute abundance.
Believe in yourself and trust your emotions. Go out there and deliver on your promise. In fact if you want to make more money deliver more than you have promised. This is one reason some achieve astounding proportions of success.
Before you, the beautiful planes of creativity are unfolding, wherein you are called upon to shape your own life by the power of your own thought. Now relax and listen carefully. What do you see through the eyes of your imagination? What is it that you want to manifest? Allow your most ardent desires to take root and shape.
Did you know that you are the masterpiece of your own creativity? So get down to work and design that massive corporation, business or organization. Put that idea to work, it will not fail.
If you can hold it in your mind, then you can surely hold it in your hand. That is principle my friend.
Get out of competition and understand that what you are bringing to the market is something unique that meets and exceeds your target market’s expectations, something that the whole world has been patiently waiting for, your very own creation. Act according to your own convictions and do not let your dreams be denied and before you know it your life will be overflowing in absolute abundance.
Great, isn’t it?
Clever Zulu
Absolute Abundance

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