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patients will be excluded if they have the following problems pregnancy, plan for pregnancy in the next 12 months, cardiac disease, especially coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, malabsorption disorder, gastrointestinal surgeries, significant renal or liver dysfunction, seizure disorders, thyroid and non-thyroid active cancers, uncontrolled psychosis, psychotropic medication use, steroid use, amiodarone, chemotherapy for cancer, iron supplement more than 325mg per day, carafate proton pump inhibitor use, cholestyramine use, and those with recent pcs orders who are expected to move out of the geographic area, age less than 18 years old or older than 65 years old.

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the physician should read the precautions section when considering the use of carafate oral suspension in pregnant or pediatric patients, or patients of childbearing potential.

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